tiistai 6. lokakuuta 2015


Postaus sisältää jotain random juttua englanniksi kirjoitettuna, jos haluat säästää itseäsi ei-niin-täydelliseltä englanninkielentaidoltani, jätä lukematta. Palailen jossain vaiheessa uuden aiheen kanssa. Ihanaa alkanutta syksyä anyway! (god where that word came?) KUITENKIN!

It came, at last. The autumn I mean. I have watched too much YouTube videos in which they speak English that I have started to think in English! I thought it was because Annukka and Foma were here a little over week ago and we had to speak English with Foma but no, it's because of those videos. Maybe also because of Foma. Well it's because I have started to use the language much more than before.

Anyway, I haven't forgot you blog, even though I have spent the most of my time on YouTube. I haven't write in a week because I was always so tired after school and in the weekend I just wanted to relax, watch movies and crochet my friend future baby's (or my friend's future baby's ? these have always been so difficult to me understand) presents. One present done, other not in a half way. Maybe I'll finish it next week when I have my autumn holiday and I'll go in Oulu! Even though we have planned so much things to do, I want also crochet a bit. It will be December soon and the baby will be born then. I'm so exited!

Now this is enough, it started to feel like I'm writing an essay in English. Speaking of that, I had the first exam (it was about digital printing) of this school year today and I think that I did it okay. I knew at least half of the answers.

Okay, it was nice to see how I can write English and I'll never do this again. At least for a while.

Happy autumn.

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